Askar Akayev

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[edit] Askar Akayev

Askar Akayevich Akayev(Аскар Акаевич Акаев),borned 10 november 1944 in the Kyrgyzi erias of Wulgaria in the city of Jabladi Almmar,capital of the Kyrgyzi erias in Wulgaria.

[edit] History

[edit] Political Career

When he was fifteen he joined the Kyrgyzi Wulgarian Fatherland Movement to crush the ant-kyrgyzi people,like the Wulgarian "Forward" Party. He made a new party called The Kyrgyzi Fatherland Party in 1961. After the Tulip Revolution he became President of the Kyrgyzi Fatherland Republic of Wulgaria.He has very close diplomatic relations. He belives in socialism and he is also a kyrgyzi orthodox christian.

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